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Ghana over flows with opportunity awaiting her Creators.  With her resources rivaling the most endowed of lands, Ghana's lures are credible, if not, underrated!  Though her beauty and her bounty are visible to the naked eye their accessibility is often just out of reach. If not for her mysticism Africa would be barren by now, thanks to it there is still enough to feed the world for eons to come.

Info-Ghana.com aims to simplify the maze, providing a true picture of the landscape and its peculiarities. We  provide a blue-print of sorts, to guide new-comers through the terrain, assisting them in their endeavors here in our homeland, Ghana. You will find the information on the pages of this web-site straight forward and easy to digest.  You will also see that we cater to those on a budget featuring affordable lodging and an excellent selection of land for sale.

This site aims to put into practice the principal of Each One, Guide One. Over the years we have had the pleasure of meeting and consulting with many of our viewers.  If you imagine we can be of greater service to you, feel free to contact us at one of the links below and allow us to make your Ghana experience that much better.


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