E.C.G. is a Billboard for solar!

February  2015                                                                                     Posted by Ras AriEl Yahzid

The Electric Company of Ghana announced that it's new power schedule: 12 hours of power, followed by 24 hours no power, all for the same cost.  This of a company which has all the technology and capacity to generate power 24/7, but not the wherewithall to manage and distribute this energy to its customers.

February  2015                                                                                        Posted by Ras AriEl Yahzid

Doing Business in Ghana

If you are a millionaire with $200k to invest (the new minimum), then certainly you can figure out ways to buffer yourself from the unreliable power and turtle paced internet meted out to the rest of us. But if you don't fall in that category and you can't afford to keep paying your way out of every jam,  then doing business in Ghana will be a straight up challenge.

November  2014                                                                                  Posted by Ras Lumumba

Tour Ghana

This tour captures the best of the best, all in two splendid weeks.  And though it covers many of the hot spots, you will NOT feel like you have run a marathon after.  It will be laid back, flowing at the pace of Ghana's natural flow, allowing each experience to be remembered and cherished.