Repatriating to ghana

But for those with the mettle, the heart and soul for this path, I welcome you aboard.  These words  will appeal to you, the 5 percenters, the elect of the Elect, the  Keepers of the Way. It's call will resonate in your bones as the only viable way forward.  Your mind will embrace its challenges like an expecting motherand your soul will suffer unrest until your feet step foot on African soil.  If that's you, then get comfortable, this if for you.


Electromagnetic Sensitivity in Ghana

For eons, modernity has been popularly associated with progress. It has ushered in many exciting and important developments. For all its prized conveniences and beloved creature comforts, modernity has its problems—big problems.  In fact, right here in Ghana there are certain inventions and advances that might be making you sick!

January  2015                                                                                            Posted by Ras AriEl Yahzid

Buying Land in Ghana

For those who know anything about doing anything in Africa, it is already common knowledge that nothing is just as it seems.  Interwoven into every offer is the not so obvious flip side of that offer.  Buyer beware, ignorance is not an excuse and refunds are unheard of here. Here are some key pointers that you need to know before buying..

November  2014                                                                                  Posted by Ras Lumumba

Tour Ghana

This tour captures the best of the best, all in two splendid weeks.  And though it covers many of the hot spots, you will NOT feel like you have run a marathon after.  It will be laid back, flowing at the pace of Ghana's natural flow, allowing each experience to be remembered and cherished.