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Are Repatriates to blame for not receiving Dual Citizenship?

After years of feeling basically duped by Ghana’s government, lured with promises of sanctuary, only to be treated like a foreigner, I permitted myself to look at things from another angle, considering my/our part in the denial of my/our birthright.  Although a scathing proposition, it prompted an interesting alternative to our approach towards repatriation.

History, or rather our story, leaves no question as to who has always been our greatest enemy.  We, as a people have proven our worst culprits and victims.  We, the controllers of the forces of Nature, traded our powers and our souls, our brothers and our sisters, for subjugation and humiliation, giving birth to a spineless, worthless version of our original selves.  That cantankerous seed survived and thrived in the belly of the beast, making us a divisible force to be conquered by our own greed.   Thus it was our own who hindered the progress of the Movement by undermining the likes of Marcus Garvey, killing Malcolm X and standing by impotently while the Black Panthers and other freedom fighters were systematically erased from the scene.  Amongst our people, the destroyers could always find boot licking Uncle Tom’s (Clarence), ready and willing to sell out the interest of the Race for their individual wants and needs. 

Notwithstanding the ill-seed’s prevalence, freedom-fighters like of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah still prevailed.  They set the stage for repatriation and thanks to them the first repatriates were met with great pomp and circumstance. 

The former President, J.J. Rawlings, followed in the vein of his predecessor, granting the first Repatriates, then Rases from Jamaica, a large tract of land (in Poukuase) and a suitable headquarters (in Airport-Residential).  With the ear of the Head-of-State and all those resources at our disposal we still resorted to herb smuggling and woman juggling, in total contrast to the livity of the King we claim.  Sympathy was soon lost and replaced with a contemptuous feeling towards the prodigal sons and daughters.

In the late 90’s came another group from the more elite amongst us, African Americans who were eagerly received by the Ghanaians as prospects of development.   They requested and was granted a larger than conceivable amount of land, overlooking the Volta River, an awesome slice of heaven!  They called themselves Fihankra International and established a home for the lost tribes, Africans in the Diaspora.  With enough land for thousands of  families to dwell, nest, and re-acclimatize, the self imposed chief, from that initial group of African Americans, realized an opportunity to good to pass.  Instead of sharing the land with successive repatriates, fostering development and prosperity, as agreed, he opted to sell it at rates which were ridiculous.  Single handedly and then with the assistance of his wives, he brought upon us the worst possible resentment from our brothers and sisters who initially embraced our return with open arms.  Worse still are the countless claims against the present care-takers from those repatriates who actually paid their money and have nothing to show for it. 

Rest assured, I do not propose to excuse Ghana’s government for not recognizing her sons and daughters, unconditionally, nor am I attempting to negate the role of the destroyers in manipulating the weak amongst us, rather I take the position that we must recognize our contributions to our demise and bear the burden of reversing them.  We must organize and centralize.  We must work together, becoming an economic force, pooling our resources and lobbying for change in our interest.   Through natural integration we will, inevitably become indistinguishable from our kith and kin in one or two generations and if we plant good seeds we will yield a new breed and a template for uniting and restoring the whole of Africa.

Thoughts and opinions of Ras AriEl Yahzid


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