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...After Dr. kwame Nkrumah

 As we are all enthralled by the magnificent plans going into effect to celebrate Ghana’s golden jubilee, we propose a moment to reflect on where we were and where we are now.

Nestled in between war stricken, unpredictable African states such as Liberia, Ivory Coast, Togo and Nigeria, Ghana has become truly become that shining star of the West Africa, a safe haven for all those foreign nationals to resort in escape of the uncertainty offered by our neighbors.  An investor’s dream, where resources flow like water and the natives willingly support their growth either through consumption or through aid in extraction of our natural resources.  Known for her welcoming atmosphere and her people, for their accommodating nature, Ghana has endeared herself to the world as the picture perfect example of what an independent African nation should be.  But Ghana wasn’t always the apple of their eye.  In fact, when Dr. Kwame Nkrumah launched his campaign for an independent Ghana, the West would experience their worst nightmare, even if short lived.  For the nine years that marked Nkrumah’s rule and followed the emancipation of Ghana and her people, we experienced true independence.   Prior to and since we have been smothered with white lies, white Jesus, white agendas, and white solutions, most presented in black face.

With slavery abolished, the new world established and democracy the term of the century, Nkrumah launched out to behold the advanced world.  Unlike so many who followed in his steps, Nkrumah’s focus was unfettered by the trappings of a modern world.  Rather, his resolve increased when he realized the dependence on Africa by these so called developed nations.  He was quick to realize that they had no interest in the progress of Africa, as it would only impede their domination of our resources and thus rule over the world.  With a clear vision he returned with a mission to eject those parasites from our land and declare Ghana a free, sovereign state of Africa.  In so doing, he would no longer permit the value of our goods and services to be dictated by foreign institutions, nor would he permit Ghanaians to remain dependent on alien countries for products that had become necessities in every home and would be necessary for the advancement of our nation.  Upon releasing us from the yoke of the imperials, he applied the nation’s wealth towards the establishment of over 60 new industries, all of which would lay the foundation for an independent people to thrive.  In his own words, “unless we attain economic freedom, our struggle for independence would have been in vain, and our plans for social and cultural advancement frustrated”.  Amongst those industries, Nkrumah had set up a glass factory, tire factory, a chocolate factory, a radio and TV assembly plant, a gold processing factory, a nuclear plant, a continental radio station (the External Service of Radio Ghana) that could be heard throughout Africa and beyond, and which hugely helped in the promotion of the African liberation struggle.  He also opened up Ghana with new roads and housing and telephone services, making it possible to reach many villages that are presently without communications or light in that day.  However, his visions were all but toppled on the advice of the IMF and under the orchestration of the C.I.A., thus beginning Ghana’s regression.

Since Nkrumah’s rule, Ghana’s independence has been no more real than, say, America’s democracy.  The new leaders fought tooth and nail to re-align themselves with our former colonizers to re-establish an environment that best reflects neo-colonial Africa of today.  Not only were the seeds of the Pan-African freedom fighters aborted, but new laws enacted to ensure our dependence for generations to come.  As feared most by Nkrumah, our social and cultural plans for advancement have been totally frustrated and our men castrated.

In the independent Ghana of today, God forbid if our President should speak in defense of a fellow brother in arms, like Robert Mugabe or even Charles Taylor.  Let alone, should we decide to plan our own economic fate without the aid of the World Bank.  And please, don’t be downright radical and try to determine prices for our own resources. That’s only asking for sanctions upon sanctions or worse, civil war, no doubt orchestrated by the same warmongers that have invaded every crevice of the world.  In the independent Ghana of today, our leading party’s flag bears great resemblance to that of another leading party, whose indelible mark on the world is not one that we should want to be associated.  But not only are we associated, Ghana has extended her arms and welcomed America’s request to build its biggest military base and embassy in Africa, within our borders.  Furthermore, in independent Ghana, we are the biggest bastions of demon hypocrisy, that is, democracy, an institution that will only insure the people's demise.

As we mark the 50th Anniversary of the first independent African state, some of us realize, with great pain and anguish, how far we have regressed.  We call upon the children of Africa from within the Land and those stationed in various parts of the Diaspora, to aid in the recommencement of the path endorsed by Nkrumah.  Counter false propaganda, participate in African trade, enriching your mind and your children’s mind with the wealth of knowledge available only through the African experience.  Cease to think selfishly, but like Nkrumah, include your neighbors and the whole of Africa in your scheme of planning so that when we celebrate our 100th Anniversary we can do so with the knowledge that we haven’t pawned our souls in the process, but rather pioneered the liberation of our Motherland, Africa! celebrate our 100th Anniversary we can do so with the knowledge that we haven’t pawned our souls in the process, but rather pioneered liberation of our Motherland, Africa!