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The Empress Creates

Resplendently situated in the parlor room of her new boutique, Empress Fomia delights in the realization of a dream come true, and plans on marketing her vision to the Ghanaian populous.

Born and raised in France, into a kaleidoscope fusing the haves and have-nots, she elevated herself out of destined poverty through her sheer desire to succeed and the support of two loving parents.  Yet she could not escape the racism and oppression dished out to Africans across the globe.  Iintuitively she held her ground and gravitated towards kindred souls, allowing no barriers to deter her quest for her piece of the pie.  A ghetto-girl  at heart, with the attitude to back it, she found most of life's lessons could be acquired from the school of hard-knocks, giving her a firm foundation for the challenges that lay ahead.

France quickly proved unable to contain this high spirited Empress and so she took flight to the Ivory Coast, West Africa, where she initially intended to repatriate.  Not long after her arrival unto the Coast there was civil unrest in that state.  Determined not to return to France-Babylon, she shifted over to Ghana.  Quickly she perfected her English and humbled herself for almost five years of quiet observation.  During this time she sustained herself through her hustle and flow, which was becoming an art in itself.  Her relationship with her parents is one she cherishes, so to keep the love alive she would fly in periodically with a couple sizeable suitcases filled with choice goods from West Africa.  In so doing she was able to see her beloved mother and father, as well as re-up for another 6-10 months in Ghana.   Realizing an income and the wherewithal to deal with the African conditions, she began to concentrate on her passion, fashion.  Humbling, once again, she took an apprenticeship with an aspiring fashion designer in town.  For the next 2 years she learned the art and the business of fashion. 

Thanks to her fearless nature and gambling spirit, she often succeeds not only in providing for herself, but, from time to time, coming into real money.  One such occasion coincided with the availability of the perfect shop.  Located in Osu, the trendiest part of town, in a better part of that area than her previous employer, Empress Fomia became the Madame of Empress Creations.  Fortunately, she was not disillusioned, rather she realized the work had just begun and the fun is yet to come.  One will be hard pressed to find her at the shop, rather she can be found buying fabric in the markets or tucked away in her hide-out where she directs a team of tailors as they breath life into her cloth.   Her styles are influenced by her exposure to the fashion industry both in West Africa and France.  She buys fabrics from all over Africa, claiming her favorite cotton comes from Ethiopia, her favorite linen from the Ivory Coast and her favorite print from right here in Ghana.  Upon entry into the boutique, one senses her deep African pride in every detail, not just the clothes.  When you purchase one of her clothes it feels like an investment in your image.  Empress Creations is providing its clientele with an option for glamour and style,  which boasts its authentic African heritage.  We applaud her efforts and sight her as an example for those meditating to make your dreams a reality in Africa.