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Is Ghana is loosing its appeal?

Ghana has been the first choice of repatriates since the Back-to-Africa Movement took shape.  This was no mistake.  The red, gold and green flag, with the Black Star as its crescent has played no small roll. That and the rhetoric purported by the likes of former president, J.J. Rawlings has lead most of us to believe Ghana is still that bastion of African pride it once was under Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.  As a repatriate and resident of Ghana for upwards of 14 years, I have had a chance to look more closely at its allure, and ask myself, is this the Ghana I left America for?

Forward to modern-day Ghana, Monsanto is sanctioned to disseminate it’s seeds to our farmers, Africom has found a home and serves as the primary military base for America in Africa and last, but not least, repatriates, whom are referred to as “foreign nationals”, like the Lebanese, Chinese, Indians and others, are required to carry a national I.D. card, or risk being refused basic services from immigration, which means our freedom of movement disabled and our former slavers can track us as easily as if we were in their backyard.

For those of you still confused by the mixed messages of dual citizenship and pan-Africanism, sent by Ghana’s touring politicians, take this into account.  Ghana’s tourism industry accounts for a significant portion of its income, and Africans born in the Diaspora account for the majority of it tourists.  By offering refuge for Africans fleeing horrible conditions in the West, Ghana has managed to capitalize on our suffering while completely reneging on its promises.  Once you arrive, there is no refuge and no consideration.

The bottom line is that in Ghana, we are entitled to nothing more than residency in the same manner that any other race would be entitled to residency, provided we can prove to be an investor, student or here on a work permit.  In fact, there is no nation in Africa readily offering African’s born in the Diaspora the Right to Abode without complying with such general stipulations.  Thus the question to ask is, is Ghana the best of choices?  To help you answer that question, take these into consideration:  

  • Housing has become unaffordable thanks to global gentrification.  The only ones who can afford to pay the rates are the minions of those multi-nationals that exploit our land and its resources.

  • Corruption is so interwoven that it tires the mind from trying to read between each line and double checking each transaction.

  • Crime is on a constant rise, with little to no protection from the State.

  • At the behest of the one world government, Ghana has inserted chips in their passports, body & eye scanners at the airport and requires a national I.D. for foreigners, yes repatriates.

  • In short, Ghana merely feels like an outpost for the Empire.

Still, repatriation without hesitation!  This need not dissuade, rather its intended to advise subsequent repats to consider your options, like Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi and the rest.  This land and the fullness thereof is ours to call home, it’s probably time we ventured beyond Ghana and lay claim to Africa.

Thoughts and opinions of Ras AriEl Yahzid