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Live like a King or die like a fly!

Right now, as you read, Omar el Bashir and his Janjaweed militia unit hunts and kills thousands of defenseless, Nubian men, women and children, young and old in Sudan (originally Nubia).  You read correctly, in the 21st century an Arab government funds and arms Arab militia to search and find Nubian villages, in Africa, and annihilate entire families.  The government then follows up with aerial bombardments until they are certain that they have killed even the remnants.  Unlike their European counterparts who prefer breed us like cattle, in their own backyards and cull us periodically, stripping our babies from under us so randomly that we remain blind to the pattern, the Arabs prefer a more direct approach. They slaughter us like dogs and take over our lands, thus we think of Libya, Egypt and Palestine as the Middle East and not just another part of Africa that was once also populated by Nubians.  In fact, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia are also African lands in Arab hands.

In America we are losing our children to a war most are unaware we are fighting. Our children are being picked off like sitting ducks on the corner, our strong join the army only to die in vain and our brightest climb the corporate ladder only to be effectively programmed to perpetuate an even more insidious oppression upon the rest of us.  All the money we have amassed and all the firsts we have accomplished has afforded us nothing but greater disdain from the other Nations of the world.    We have the richest, most fruitful land on the Earth and we are scattered about, scrambling over mere scraps.  Like fools we thank their gods for the pittance they have allowed us to gather while in their lands, praying only that our children will be accepted into their Ivy League school, so they too might one day become the Puppet.

Mumia, Dialo, Trayvon and Maybe-you-next, are reminders of our impotence in their power structure.  It will not change with marching, singing or protesting.  It will not change with a race war or a bunch of new laws.  It will only change when the Black man reclaims his throne, once he asserts himself in his land (Ethiopia/Kush) and realigns with the Way.  Justice is reserved for men of respect and respect is earned in the face of peril.

Africa awaits Her Creators, straight soldiers and soldierettes, prepared for the Gideon.  They killed Nkrumah, Lumumba and countless other freedom fighters, so they will probably try to deter you too.  So what’s new? At least you are fighting for something tangible, something that was written to be, good over evil, victory.  Be thee counted, Get up, Stand up....

Thoughts and opinions of: Ras AriEl Yahzid

To read and see what they are doing to your family in Sudan:


·         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-U5BDLo4Ws&feature=related

·         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgZ1aal478s&feature=related

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