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Another Marriage in Zion

Barely over my own honeymoon, I had the opportunity to witness the marriage of my brethren, Kofi El Shabaz, a fellow repatriate, also born Brooklyn, passed through Atlanta and now at home in Ghana.  He too was blessed with an Empress born in the land of our ancestors.  Once again the bond was fortified and years of separation reduced to nothing, as the bride and groom, each representing 1 half of the same people, came together for a marriage made in Zion.

Just as the alignment of the stars is inevitable, likewise the reuniting of kindred souls, separated before birth, is bound to be.  All manner of deception was crafted to insure our division, but nothing could keep us apart.  No wire fence could stop our movements, nor could babylon’s trappings steal our heart.  Our love remained for Africa alone, and not til Africa is completely restored will we rest for a while.  Thus we embrace the work of family, community and nation building, as it is the surest and simplest path towards unifying, strengthening and empowering Africa and her children.

One heart, one aim, one destiny.  One Africa!



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