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Appeal to Organic Farmers in Ghana

Unfortunately Monsanto and the food-gangsters have penetrated every corner of the globe, Ghana included, polluting our farms with God-forsaken pesticides, meant to ensure their monopolization of the food industry and the annihilation of the general population with their toxic concoctions. As a result it is unheard of to meet a farmer that doesn't heavily spray his farm with deadly poisons.  Long gone are the days when farmers employed natural means of fertilizing and protecting their crops from other natural pests.  For this reason I am making an appeal to those few farmers, scattered throughout the country, who farm organically for their own purposes.  Please increase your harvest so that your extra yield can be sold to others like yourselves, like myself, who desires to eat organically.

The greater objective is to form a network of organic farmers and other providers of natural goods and services.  With this network in place we will create a platform for us to retail our goods directly to Ghana's discerning consumers.  A marketplace will be established to host Ghana's Health & Wellness Affair, where in we will feature all natural products of all sorts, but the crux of it will be based around organic food.  This market will happen on a monthly basis, for starters, then once it catches on we will take our show on the road, starting in Accra, moving to Tema, then on to Takordadi, Kumasi and so forth.  However, the basic objective is to create a source of varied organic fruits and vegetables available to those of us who care about what we put into our temples.

Your participation only requires you to either call or email your details (name, location and fruits or vegetables you supply).  We will visit your farm to learn of your methods and qualify you as one of our organic farmers.  If you know anyone who might not get on the internet, but also farms organically, please forward their name and number and I will get in touch with them personally.  All correspondence should be made to Ras AriEl at either of the contacts below.

Give thanks.