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Aloma International School

Four years ago I reported the unfortunate circumstances that met Madame Aloma Ingram upon her return home.  In short she brought $50k to open a school in Ghana and it was stolen by the likes of such vermin that parade in sheep's wool, ensnaring their victims.  However, she didn't take the position of a victim.  She took her hit standing.

An administrative educator by profession, Aloma returned to America to meet decapitating government cut backs that almost forced her to close the private school she owns and operates in Florida.  Yet, through it all, she remained focused.  Little by little she managed to siphon off enough money from her own salary to continue her project in Ghana, taking every bit of the last 4 years to accomplish what had already achieved.

Now she no longer gives thought to her pass struggles, she is entirely too busy concentrating on today's challenges.  Last I caught her rewriting the regional exam papers, complaining about the grammar on the test!  they give the children. 

Though she may have been forced to start more humbly than she initially intended, she can still say that with all the set backs, Africa was still her wisest move.  The school only opened in September 2010, but already the students are multiplying, where, on the other side, they are declining.  Growth potential is exponential and the opportunity to to do what she loves in her rightful place is a reward in and of itself.  Aloma  ain't sulking, she moving forward ever, backward never, serving as an excellent example for the rest of us.

The school is located in the Aburi mountains and serves students from kindergarten to grade 3. Bus service is available. For more information please contact Aloma directly: alomaingram@yahoo.com