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Black Magic, Black Power!

Black magic, that tragic magic, voodoo, obeah or the spirit world.  Most Ghanaians will be lost for words if you bring up the subject of their shrine, the shrine being the place where one goes to seek spiritual intervention or guidance (not to be confused with a church or mosque)  with the assistance of a high Priest who  invokes  the ancestors to manipulate or merely influence the physical realm.  Fewer than 10% of the population will even admit to being a Traditionalist, but the shrines are visited by all manner of persons including pastors and politicians.

Africa was infiltrated by missionaries, thus revealing the importance of spiritual dependence. 54 years after independence and in most shops and homes in Ghana you will still find the picture of a white jesus.   The rest proudly displays Arabic verses dated back to the Arab invasion. 

Now that the world figures there is not enough food to go around, Africans, with our abundance of resources, have become their primary target.  If it is not biological warfare, where we are inoculated with A.I.D.S., sterilized or just terminated in a lab (hospital), then we have to deal with imported genetically modified foods, imported toxic waste or as in Sudan, old fashion genocide.  This the fate of a people once able to levitate unimaginable weights, meditate unimaginable thoughts and create immortal works.   Is it any surprise that when you find Africans in their worst condition they are the ones praying most fervently to their oppressor’s God?  The perfect example is in Darfur, the Arabs came, took over our land, pushed us to the furthest corner of the country and then when oil was found in our region they commenced to killing as many Nubians as possible, before the world hypocritically begs mercy. Yet who can blame the Arabs, such is the world we live in, such are the rules.  I blame the Nubians, defenseless, yet still bowing 5 times daily to the same God that kills them.

Our only defense as a people, as a nation, is to reclaim our powers, to reassert our spiritual prowess and create a balance of the powers that be.  Aspiring to their universities, employing their hypocrisies (demonocracy, communism, fascism and the like) and submitting to their religions has cost us our freedom, our land and very soon may cost us our existence.  Yet, like circus lions, we simply dance in step, refusing to employ our strengths, even in the face of utter annihilation.   I say we should stop employing the shrines for short-sighted aims such as the killing of a close family members, quick financial gains, powers for the pastors and power for the politicians.  Rather, our  sciences should be used to manipulate world events, to disable nuclear arms, to protect our air space or to send all bullets back to their makers!  Our high Priests need to stop their folly ways of taking money to do the devil’s work and combine their strengths for the interest of Africa.  As in the days of old, when the Levites (Priests) were kept from farming or war so that our gods were always appeased, so today should they be called out from the bushes where hide and ply their trade, to the forefront where they can be employed for the good of the Nation.

To add injury to insult, even though it is taboo for us to even discuss such matters, these very powers are being used against us.  In all the Masonic lodges and all the Bilderberg type groups they perform sacrifices and rituals, twisted and basterdized, though learnt from our ancestors and modified to suit their evil intention of world domination.  As we can see, it is working marvelously for them.  So why are we, the originators of the sciences, under the foot of our students?  Because we have ignored our ancestors, abandoned our Way and clung foolishly to the ways of our oppressors.   Pity is wasted on us, for we are not a poor people, deprived of anything, rather we still enjoy the blessings bestowed upon our ancestors, but like unworthy children of the rich, we squander and misuse all that we have, wasting generations of wealth on trinkets of no lasting value.  Our gold, oil, cocoa, timber, bauxite, food, etc., etc. is exchanged for paper, promissory notes to fill a fools account.  And now with the advent of credit, we are selling our children’s children's birth rights along with our souls.

Africans, like the rest of the world's residents, must decide for themselves what tomorrow will hold.  We will either believe and accept that we are powerless against our oppressors or we will remove their chains from our minds and fling the parasites from off our backs.  By any means necessary, of course.