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Fire Blaze Cape Coast Dungeons!

The Cape Coast Dungeon, along with hundreds more, served as the final holding cell for many Africans, once captured and sold to European buyers for slavery in their respective countries.  Bodies were literally stacked in waiting rooms until quotas were met, accounting for the numerous deaths that took place during the wait and  the expirations expected before the ship docked in its final destination.  In the height of the trade, the Europeans fought over the rights to trade slaves in various parts of West Africa, explaining the fort styled prisons.  The proud capturers and traders in human cargo, un-prophetically inscribed onto the doors, leading from the dungeon, onto the ship "The Door of No Return", but on the contrary, many Africans, born in the Diaspora, once sold into slavery, are returning home to refute that prediction.

This remnant of the world's greatest holocaust stands to serve as an unapologetic monument of evils past, present, and future and of the enslavement of the mind, body, and soul. So why we are so proud of it?  Would a Jew advertise a gas chamber as a tourist attraction and then charge the children of the victims entrance?  How then is it that 55 years after "independence", we have not destroyed these edifices, assessed the damage done to Africa, and placed that figure against our debts. Even our so called "poor" country of Ghana will be back in the black.

It is hereby proposed that the dungeons be destroyed by fire or bulldozer, the land which they occupy, sealed off in memory of the captured souls, but for the sake of research, one dungeon should be left open.  The government will bare the responsibility of its funding and operation, through the proper allocation of taxes and volunteer workers from the universities.

It is in the interest of our future that we don't raise children that glorify the evil of predators, less we wish to raise like-minded predators, as we see happening in America.  It is equally important that our future leaders are no longer stoic to the memory of such atrocity.