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Crime in Zion

Considering the present squeeze on finances, world wide, its no surprise that crime is on the rise.  All too often, people are lured into believing that that vicious nature has escaped the humble African.  Completely wrong.  Though you will rarely read about any uprising in which Africans take guns to their oppressors, the news is littered with evidence that black man stakes no value in the life of his fellow black man.

Armed robbery of homes in Ghana is quickly spreading like an airborne disease, taking victims from all walks of life.  The thieves come in numbers no less than 8, with no less than 4 guns, usually inferior Ghana-made, yet quite fatal.  They operate with a total lack of concern for authority, never fearing intervention, usually robbing each house on the entire block.  Their times of operation are usually between 1-4 am, whence most Ghana police are sound asleep or unreachable, due to a lack of communicative tools or transport vehicles.  They are usually neighbourhood boys, who have watched their targets closely and have a very good idea of what they want.  When searching the house, they are known for demanding goods they can’t find.  They are also unconsciously brutal.  In the last two years, two repatriates, heads of households, one with 7 children in his home at the time, were shot in the face.  The first lost one eye, the second lost both eyes.  Miraculously they both lived to tell the story, but at a very high price.  In another incident a Ghanaian was robbed, his wife rapped and all locked into a small room in the house for two days before they were able to escape.  But to make matters worse, while they were locked in the thieves literally had a party, eating all the food they could, drinking their full then taking what they couldn't finish, thus indicating their basic disregard for authority and total unprincipled, unethical characters.

Considering the present state of affairs it is suggested that those who bear arms, bring your weapons.  You may enquire from the Ministry of Interior on the specifics and then your local police headquarters for further details, but don’t figure Africa a cake walk.  And if you have the weapons, do drills within your house members and be prepared.  If the time comes and you must resort to self defence, then shoot to kill.  There is no greater deterrent.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of owning a gun consider dogs.  They are very effective, especially in numbers of 2-3.  Aggressive dogs will keep out many unwanteds, including police.

Another way of fighting crime is to booby-trap your yard.  Place foot-breakers in the right places.  It will take only one man down to frighten off the rest.

Whatever you decide, tune your mind to the reality on the ground.  Security is a matter of concern which you must address.  The police are not there for you unless you happen to live in a high end neighbourhood, then lucky you, otherwise every man for himself.