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Dual Citizenship in Ghana,
the real reason why Africans from the Diaspora don't have it.

We Africans born in the Diaspora have been waiting for Ghana to lead the way in Africa, by issuing the Dual Citizenship they promised.  Instead what we get is more politricking and more excuses.

The truth is this, there was only one African American granted citizenship in Ghana and he was given it directly from Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, who when returning, invited several African Americans to join him, Dr. Lee was one.  Since then, no African born in the Diaspora has received citizenship in Ghana, though a small number have received the Right of Abode.

The sound is that if we, those who were sold into slavery, should be allowed to return home as full citizens, we might ultimately take over. Citizenship comes with the right to vote and the right to be voted for.  Some point to the Liberia experiment, where in the 1800’s America selected certain former slaves to be deported to Africa, with the intention of colonizing the continent and ruling it with a controlled version of the African.  The experiment failed miserably, the deportees became the ruling class and lorded over their subjects like any well trained American would do.  A bitter lesson to its neighbours and the reason why some in power argue that they shouldn't grant us citizenship.  However, that point negates a few differences worth mentioning, namely:

  • We are Repatriates, returning of our own volition, in our right mind and no longer slaves, physically or mentally. 

  • We have not been chosen by the establishment, rather we have been denied, thus we choose our own home. 

  • We represent a massive capital resource that wisely tapped can result in a significant source for employment for the next generation.

  • We have every right to participate in the governing process of our homeland but very little interest in ruling it.  We are far more interested in rebuilding our ties to the land and restoring families shattered in the hellacaust.

But they know this.  So what's the problem?  What are they really afraid of?  Could it be that we Africans that have been thru the middle passage, slavery, Jim Crow, Willie Lynch, Reagan & Bush,  frighten those in bed with that same establishment?  Could it be that the fathers of our nations are more interested in maintaining their sweet deals with the oil barrens, gold rushers, and the chocolate sucking parasites that pay directly into their numbered accounts? Could it be that with our 'too know' selves we might come and open the eyes of the masses to the wide spread mismanagement of their resources, the real value of their labor, the value of their crop, the value of their raw materials?  Could it be because they think will we might spoil their party?  Ah, the thought that we might seek justice not only for ourselves but for an entire nation of peoples being pillaged and exploited with no regard for their human right to the pursuit of happiness.

Truth is Ghana government will not give up that passport any sooner than America will release the source of her strength.   But what's new, freedom was never free! Let them bicker and banter about semantics if they want, we are who we are and we won't be denied, Africa for the Africans, at home and abroad.