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Green Living in Ghana

We, so-called enlightened, with our university degrees have the nerve to be promoting mud houses in Africa.  Campaigning tirelessly, our breed is trying to get the indigenous to realize that traditional materials and methods are are actually better than the concrete jungles that are decimating our lovely tropical landscapes.  At the forefront of that campaign in Ghana is an architect and a visionary.

Brandon is leading by example, proving that you can build within your budget and still build strong, eco friendly homes. Starting with his own studio, which he literally built from scratch.

Some of the benefits of building naturally are:

  • Easy enough to learn, that you can contract/supervise your own building.

  • Open to any design the mind can imagine.

  • Earth-friendly.

  • Cost efficient.  Allows you to utilize the earth within your own yard, cutting material costs down substantially.  People living in different parts of the world have experimented with various fillers and found that even sand worked.

  • Energy efficient.  Eliminates the need for air conditioners, Earth walls keeps interior cool in the day and warm at night. 

  • Built to last longer.  These buildings are literally 2x as strong as their concrete counterparts.  The walls are 2 feet wide and they never crack.  The oldest structures on the face of the Earth are all mud or some form of Earth.

Blah, blah, blah.... Here is an example:

By the way, the bags are immobile as they are, you couldn't lift one, much less nudge the wall, however the bags are sown in place with a wire mesh, from top to bottom, then plastered with conventional concrete plaster.

This particular house cost roughly $20,000 to build.  It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a living room, workplace and mini kitchen, all within 1,000 square feet.

Designs and styles depend on your imagination.  Presently Brandon is working on some dome designs that exemplify his artistic ability. Check out the prototype for an upcoming project:

The sky is only the ceiling, there are no limits when you put your mind around any design.  Eventually we will have villages (communities) that are completely self sufficient and eco-friendly.

To explore the possibilities of building with Earth bags it's suggested that you do your research and become totally familiar with the process, this way you become an active member in the realization of your dream.  Part of the process includes getting your hands in the mud. To discuss the technicals, feel free to contact Brandon directly @:

(But he has been known to be busy, so plan to be involved in your project.)