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American Presence felt in Ghana

For those of you who thought, just maybe, you could fly beyond the western hemisphere and escape the tentacles of the Matrix, think again.  America has heavily invested in this region, mainly for its oil and gold, and her claws are deeply rooted into the backs of our leaders.  Since her clean sweep of the revolutionaries back in the 60's & 70's, she has installed competent puppets to ensure her access to our resources long into the future.  Her policies are imposed, her laws copied and her bank (the I.M.F.) funds all of our projects.


No matter how you try to ignore you will be forced to face the ugly truth, Babylon is in Zion.  Let's count the ways:

  • When you go to the deepest village, with no light and one phone, there they are, the Peace Corp.

  • Open the news paper and U.S.AID is passing a huge placard check to some 'poor' institution.

  • Turn on the radio, IMF has approved yet another loan for our great grandchildren to repay.

  • Turn on the television, our President is sitting comfy at the oval office or Lil Wayne is dancing his jiggabo, next to you-know-who.

  • Go to immigrations and feel their absent rule.

  • And most recently the Americans, under Obama, insist that African states will no longer be eligible for their donations unless we recognize and promote homosexuality.  PLEASE TAKE YOUR DONATIONS AND YOUR HOMOS AND LEAVE US ALONE!!!

  • But no, never that, America have designated Ghana the home of AFRICOM, their military base in West Africa and their soldiers can be spotted in our malls, walking causally in uniforms.

  • The main airline carriers are now Delta and United Airlines, after an American company bought and dismantled Ghana Airways.

  • Speaking of which, Ghana was the first to implant full body scanners and biometric passports. 

  • And with this new oil, we will be hard pressed to see the end of their days in Ghana, so prepare yourself.

  • America also has the biggest Embassy where they take a non-refundable fee of $100 from about one hundred applicants, daily, and issue less than 2% of the visas requested.  The best game in town.

Not so bad if you're an American, working for one of them American companies who will pay for you live in a $4,500/month house.  But it is a bore when all you want is to escape the surveillances and live free.