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Africa is Rising, while Babylon is falling

Though it is true, the West is buying less arts and crafts and a few less dashiki clothes, there is a gold rush!  Cocoa production can not meet the demands.  Already vastly rich, Ghana has just tapped oil in an oil starved world.  Cement keeps going up cause buildings keep going up.  Property prices are soaring. Even tourism is on the constant rise, given the fact that much of the new tourism is generated by those looking for greener pastures.  Anyone with eyes can see, Ghana is on the rise.  Africa inevitably grows stronger on the wave of Europe’s and America’s fall.  According to the natural order, the devaluation of paper currency increases the value of real assets such as our countless raw materials. The West’s depression is Africa’s uprising.

Nonetheless, the IMF is working diligently to thwart the natural order.  With its policies, the powers that be have employed African leaders to deliver their people and resources over to the coffers of the World Bank.  By subsidizing staple foods they are running African farmers out of business and creating a food bank where they can manipulate the price of  rice like they manipulate their currencies.  That process is slowly eroding our agriculture and turning farmers into consumers.   Our independence, being bitterly coveted by the world’s oppressors, is under threat by those who have earmarked Africa as their new feeding ground.  The existing recession is a result of the intentional luring of ignorant citizens, into deeper and deeper debt only to trick them out of their assets and turn them all into indentured servants.  That has just begun in Ghana. 

In the last 5 years, no less than 10 new banks have opened, with literally hundreds of branches sprouting up in all regions of Ghana.  Monies are being offered on collateral at astronomical rates, by international standards, but people are borrowing and the banks are lending.  No financial institution has closed as a result of losses, rather every week seems to reveal a new branch or brand.  Construction is at an all time high.  Our previous government just completed a $35,000,000 palace and all around, small business men are erecting mini-malls and extravagant mansions.  Visa Mastercard launched their mondex card here way back in 1999, attracting and addicting consumers to the convenience of spending what they don’t have. Now they have implemented the bio-chip, which allows suckers to pay with their thumb. All those Hummers and Ford 150s that can’t sell in America are being shipped in and consumed by those with access to loans and contracts, usually facilitated by the government, which means, the friends and family of the ruling party.  Ghana is partying like it is 1989, in 2009.   It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the defaults in loans are inevitable and at the scale at which they are being dispensed, a healthy chunk of Ghana’s economy will be devastated by the effect.  Banks will close and our government, with the support of the World Bank will assume the liability, that is, they will own the property that was mortgaged and the person that mortgaged it.  By that time, also, the new National Identification scheme will have been fully implemented and every Ghanaian will proudly bear his number on his card. 

So are the prospects bleak?  No, they are extremely bright.  Where else can you buy this much time.  It does not take 20 years to become self sufficient.  In fact, all the conditions are totally conducive to that very necessity.  The unemployment and financial crisis of the West makes Africa less of a challenge.  For instance, it is much easier to navigate in an environment that is accustom to power outages, when there are several black outs in a week than to operate in an environment where power is taken for granted.  With the benefit of our knowledge and our lessons to guide us, Africa provides an opportunity for us to avoid the traps and establish the foundations necessary to insure that we are not in line when they hand out rations.  A truly concerted effort will protect our children and the nation that will be our legacy, laying the foundation for what is written.  Africa will rise above its oppressors.