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The simple most stressful part of an extended visit to Ghana or the relocation here, can be the grueling process of dealing with immigrations. You will find this supposedly simple request of applying for an extension can be the most arduous process you embark upon.  Though it is fair to say, we often help to make this procedure that much more difficult.  Here are some suggestions when dealing with Ghana Immigration Services.

What to do:

  • -Apply at least two weeks in advance of an expired visa.  You are guaranteed to be told that you have fallen short of their requirements, which will inevitably delay your request.

  • -Prepare yourSelf to deal with the most callus of individuals at the immigrations counter. Try not to take it personal.

  • -Compose yourSelf and exhibit only signs of  absolute determination.

  • -Assume that they will forget you and very possibly lose your passport.

  • -Seek the assistance of an experienced agent to carry you through the process.

  • -Educate yourSelf as much as possible on their expectations of you

  • -Pray!

To speak with a Ghanaian Immigrations Officer, please contact one of the following numbers:
(233-302) 222-5321 or 222-1667 or 222-4445. However, be warned, it will be like calling your local post office and asking the clerk for an address in Guam.