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Moringa Oleifera, the Miracle Tree

Moringa Oleifera is simply a God-send, a true Super-Food.  Moringa is the answer to malnutrition threatening to plague Africa and the Western world, largely due to the consumption of  foods lacking even remnants of their original nutrients.  Moringa is also one of the fastest growing trees, providing Earth dwellers with a sustainable supplement that cannot be depleted, grows in the tropics and replenishes itself continuously, thus making it totally affordable.

After drying and powdering the leaves the Moringa powder provides a concentrate of vitamins: A, B, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, K, E. Its minerals include Calcium, Chloride, Chronmium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Phosphourus, Potassium Selenium, Sulphur, and Zinc.

Moringa is ideal for malnourished children and expectant mothers, but also a perfect natural supplement to a perfectly healthy individual, planning to stay that way.  A teaspoon steeped in boiling water to make a tea, or added directly onto your food will provide you with an excellent balance of vitamins and minerals.  There are absolutely no adverse side effects from even the most concentrated Moringa diet.

Moringa's combination of vitamins and minerals makes it most effective against High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.  Taken for just 10 days, 3 teaspoons a day, High Blood Pressure patients have noticed a signficant reduction in their systolic pressure and Diabetics are better able to process and tolerate glucose and reduce the loss of urinary proteins, such as magnesium. 


Thanks to our tropical environment, the Moringa tree thrives in Ghana and has thus become another of our many exportables. Sold by the kilo or by the ton, you can buy Moringa of various qaulities from numerous suppliers,  but if you insist on organically grown, properly dried (allowing it to maintain that neon green color) and assured fresh,we offer a ready supply  for $21.00/kilo, (shipping not included).  For orders or to ask questions write or call: ghanarepat@gmail.com or 233-020-946-6408.