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May 26, 2010

The Niger Delta Reaches America!

Now I ask, what if that little oil spill had been going on for years, how would you feel?  What if you forgot what your ocean looked like? What if your streams turned to oil slick swamps and your children started coming out with a few extra limbs?  How would you cope? This is what you impose on the rest of the world with your insatiable appetite for this fossil fuel and now your getting a sip of your own medicine.  In other words, you can lie and philosiphi, but Karma can't hear your lies, she only reciprocates your deeds. 

In Niger Delta this daily occurrence has been going on for years, only those oil spills don’t make the news.  Nobody cares, the government lends its troops to Shell oil company, thus defends what the cartels do in its own country, even if that means starving out villages, polluting drinking water and spreading disease of unknown proportions throughout the region.  What else is black man supposed to do?  Can’t farm there, can’t fish, children crying, mothers dying and there’s no where to turn.  That's enough to make a man grab a gun and pick off Shell employees for fun, or demand compensation/ransom for the devastation of their livelihoods. 

Your oil is causing this mess!  You could get your politicians to stop its STUPID exploration of fossil fuels.  You are aware that alternative sources of energy exist, but still you let oil cartels determine who you go to war with.  This of the most educated, most informed people on the planet. 

Oh, and Ghana, with your giddy, drunk politicians, just waiting to divide the pie in the sky. Put some of that loot away for the mess that will be made of your most pristine beaches in Takoradi.  If history has any word, oil in Ghana may very well be a curse!