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February 8, 2010

Nkrumah for President!

Much like the resurrection of Malcolm X in the 90’s and Che Guevara in the 2000’s, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is being born again 100 years after his birth in Ghana.

Like all the revolutionaries before and after him, Nkrumah became enemy of the state.  His progressive ideas were seen as subversive by America and thus by the elite that the Americans established as their pawns in Ghana.  By financing propaganda campaigns and sabotaging all of his projects, the C.I.A., in cohorts with some of the fathers of the today’s  politicians, overthrew one of Africa’s most stalwart leaders and replaced him with neo-colonialist stooges .  In fact, the son of the man who blew up several children by giving them a bouquet of flowers to hand to the then President Nkrumah has just been voted the Chairman of the leading opposition party, the NPP,  the previous ruling party.  And although the present party in power, NDC, should be commended for restoring the dignity that rightfully belongs with Nkrumah’s legacy, history shows that they neglected to resume any of his projects that were designed to create a sovereign nation in practical terms and not just in theory, also choosing the interest of the Imperialist over the interest of Ghana. 

So why all of a sudden is Nkrumah’s name on all of their lips?   The answer is simple, you can kill the body, but you can’t kill the spirit, it only multiplies.  Kwesi Pratt said it best, Nkrumah’s legacy consist of a catalogue of ideas.  He made people visualize the grand potential of Africa, united, sovereign and proud.  That vision took root in today’s generation who supplement their education with the wide availability of information on line.  A generation, who also have bore witness to the systematic enslavement of their parents and the selective enrichment of the few that cooperated with the imperialist.  Disgusted by mismanagement and marginalization the masses are pleading for the spirit of our most beloved ancestor to reign in justice one more time. 

Nkrumahist speak unkindly about America’s role then and now in Africa, thus they are never funded and rarely have a chance of winning an election.  But that might change.  With oil in Ghana, the divide between rich and poor is growing exponentially and the sense of despair is increasing amongst the masses.  Ghanaians have already proven unpredictable at the polls, so further suppression might just be the catalyst to bring about the much needed change. Modern day Nkrumah for President!