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May 20, 2010

Judgment reach two sodomites in Malawi.  Charged with breaking the Laws of Nature, Fassy Hole and Bati Hole were both given 14 years hard labor for attempting marriage in the Land of of the Negus & Empress.

Inspired and encouraged by their European supporters and backers, Fassy and Bati embarked to defy Nature and the Laws of the land when they brazenly took their vows before satan and his angels.  Used as marks to  further spread western immorality world wide, the two Holes have found no solace or support in their homeland.  Their gay pride died when they were heckled and condemned for their immoral lifestyles.  In an attempt to protect the youth, the honorable judge denounced their acts, indisputably, condemning them to the full punishment allowed by the law. Naturally, the pope and his minions have been out in their rainbow coalition, condemning this sovereign nation for its decision, threatening to withdraw aid.  Word!  Keep your A.I.D.S. and get your dutty priests out of our land and we will burn out the rest!

May 30, 2010

Shame, shame.  The president of Malawi kindly bent over when visited by the U.N. Secretary General. Fassy & Bati got a pardon and the fibre of our beloved Motherland endures yet another assault. Is there no-where where we can raise our babies without the intrusion of Western immorality?   Aren't there any sovereign nations left or have we all  been grafted into the United Nations?  How long will it be before your sons will be expected to oblige the priest and the bishop in their pedophilia?

January 2012

Hillary Clinton just announced that any country that didn't recognize homosexuals and afford them their rights would be denied aid.  For the first time, our President,  Mr. Mills stood his ground, with the overwhelming support of the Ghanaian coalition of churches and said, this is simply not our culture.  You can do it, but we don't want it.  Time will tell how long he stands.