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Obama in Ghana

On February 6, 2007, George W. Bush announced that the U.S. would create a new military command for Africa, known as the Africa Command or Africom. However, in 2008, during his visit to Ghana he unequivocally denied establishing a military headquarters in Africa. 

In October of the same year, in response to the Sullivan Foundation questionnaire, Senator Obama maintained that Africom "should serve to coordinate and synchronize our military activities with our other strategic objectives in Africa." But he contended "there will be situations that require the United States to work with its partners in Africa to fight terrorism with lethal force." And he went on to assert "having a unified command operating in Africa will facilitate this action."

To those of us no longer confused by the political jargon that is used to disguise America’s numerous hidden agendas, we know that the fight against terror simply means the pursuit of much needed resources at any expense and then the protection of those assets. 

Back in 2000, after Ghana willingly bent over and welcomed a thorough screwing by the International Monetary Fund, she was labelled as a highly indebted poor country and stripped of all dignity and pride.   No longer new to strange bedfellows, she welcomed, with open arms, every advance made by her imperial pimps and assumed  more debt in 8 years than she had in all her  previous years as an independent nation.   And so, though the U.S. was denied the chance to set up their Africom in 14 other African states, it was no surprise when Ghana gladly accepted.  It is also worth mentioning that while Kuffour was in power (between 2000 – 2008) America quadrupled the size of her Embassy in Ghana, taking up no less than 10 square blocks, including residences and a direct tunnel to the airport. 

But why Ghana?  Aside from the hospitality, there is the not-so-small matter of oil.  In 2008 it was revealed that Ghana has substantial oil reserves which will become available in 2010. Ghana is also one of the world’s leading producers of gold and several other crucial raw materials, becoming scarce in this consumerist society.  Not to mention, the existing oil reserves in our neighboring Nigeria which Shell is currently having a hard time maximizing, due to the armed resistance of several militia groups in the area.  With a military presence in this region, America will protect its oil interest from theft by the original owners and from the ever inclosing Chinese, who are now America’s main rivals for African resources.

The world is getting a taste of black face, white agenda.  Obama’s policies have so far mimicked that of his predecessors, revealing anything but the change that was promised in his campaign.  Instead, his protection of Israel as an extension of the United States is unapologetic, even amidst the genocide of the Palestinians.  In a letter written to his brothers and sisters in Kenya, on January 20, 2009, Obama clears up any questions about his agenda in Africa.  In his own words:

The USA is addicted to oil, and every American consumes about 8,000 litres a year. No other country uses as much oil. Increased oil prices thus affect every American without exception.

Other than working with our key suppliers to stabilise the prices, I promised Americans during my campaigns that I would work on new and innovative sources of energy.

Also, part of our foreign policy is to ensure the safety and secure borders of Israel, safe routes of our oil supplies and commitment to our bilateral and multi-lateral allies. Kenya has always been our friend, and these ties shall now be strengthened by my heritage.

[However] our relationship could be imperilled should your foreign policy be at odds with ours. We will never dictate your foreign policy as you are a sovereign state, but our relationship is dependent on your choices.

When it comes to funding your projects, my hands are even more tied. Our domestic and global spending is approved by Congress. In our annual budget, we always allocate billions of dollars to countries like Egypt and Israel for strategic reasons. Recently, we gave billions to Georgia to rebuild itself after it was invaded by Russia.

Kenya may benefit if it makes certain strategic decisions. We are looking for a base in Africa to build our AfriCom headquarters, and Lamu is one of the likely locations.

In the event that you accept our request, we will make Lamu a deep-sea port and build a railway line from there to Ethiopia, our other strategic ally in the region. The choice again I say is yours.

Need there be any doubt that Barack Obama has accepted the role of continuing the initiatives of his right wing predecessor and the overall spread of the imperial menace?  Though his coming to Ghana is anticipated like the second coming of Christ, a few of us wince at the thought of the aftershock, when his job is done and the contracts signed.  What will be left of our sovereignty?