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Only in Ghana!

All too often my eyes feast on a sight that make my eyes water, charging my system with emotions words alone can't explain.  Sometimes it's an awesome landscape, sometimes it's a beautiful woman, whatever the object of my distraction, I am halted, forced to look twice and three times.  These experiences are what I share here.
  Never have I seen such a marvelous work of handicraft.  What this sculptor did with sand is more evidence that in each of us is a talent, unique to our person, a sign that the Most High lives in man and woman.  When we share it, it's an opportunity for all to pay homage to the original Creator. 

I love to see the works of Black man in his element, defying limitations and exemplifying greatness.

The sand man remains anonymous since he sought no recognition for himself, just an opportunity pay tribute to Bob Marley on his 66th  Earthday.


I recently participated in several capoeira classes only to learn just how stiff my fit body really is.  So watching these acrobats I had a much greater appreciation for the obvious time that went into an art that offers little more than the opportunity to perform to beachcombers with hopes of measly tokens of appreciation.

Channeling their energy in such a positive direction, despite the hardships, ceilings and forces that they must combat on a daily basis serves as good example to those of us more blessed, yet deprived of the inspiration it takes to make something out of nothing.

Anyone who knows my person, knows that I never cease from getting inspiration from nature, but these particular falls have been my greatest respite.  Time and time again I turn to her for comfort, assurance and a cleansing and each time she receives I with an abundance to give.

This is Wli Falls, nestled in the cloves of the Volta Region, now a pretty popular tourist site, but still splendid in its original beauty, Nature at her best.

This caption was taken by Obadele Kambon.