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Former President Kufuor's Legacy Ain't Pretty.

On an international stage, after much application for interview, President Kufuor bows to the powers that be, in total dishonor of Africans all over the world.

Not two weeks had passed since Ghana celebrated her 50th anniversary of independence, when President Kufuor declares his irrevocable submission to England and the United States.

After much pressure from Africans living in the Diaspora, Tony Blair apologized for slavery and its consequences.  In response, our Oxford trained President responded by saying that there should not be any agitation for an apology, since the era was different from today and more importantly, many Africans played a positive roll in getting their brothers into slavery.

Fortunately, this is not the opinion of most Africans born and raised on the continent.  Though most are ignorant about the degree of persecution suffered by their brothers and sisters across the waters, it is proportionate to our own ignorance of the effects of colonization.  However, rapid responses were issued by several writers of the local news papers, calling President Kufuor a “house slave”, “sellout” and the like, revealing much restlessness amongst the field hands.  Kwaku Sefa Manu of The Insight stated: “If President Kufuor were alive in the days of the slave trade, he would have been a proud slave raider himself.  Just look at what he is doing in this day and age as President.  He cares not a fig for the people he rules.  He is more interested in selling his own country for the interests of US and Europe.”  Ghanaians, unlike their President, hold dear, the virtues of freedom and justice, and stand arm in arms with their siblings in the Diaspora, even though our leadership insists on impending our progress.

For the record, under Kufuor:

1)      Ghana was classified as a Highly Indebted Poor Country, disregarding it vast mineral wealth, by which the world defines its own wealth. 

2)      New roads were built for the comfort of this generation, at the expense of the next, since he contracted all roads to various foreign companies at terms that will require our children’s children to bear the interest.

3)      America was allotted the most pricey property in Ghana’s capital to erect their largest embassy in Africa (an addition to their existing embassy and consulate) and permission to build military bases for ground and air. 

4)      The Right of Abode/Dual citizenship for Africans from the Diaspora has been indefinitely swept under the table.

5)      The Ministry of Tourism was designated to handle all matters of Africans from the Diaspora, relegating us to nothing more than a tourist buck.

6)      Teachers have not been paid for months at a time.

7)      And he had the audacity to purchase 50 BMWs, 20+ Jaguars and several other luxury vehicles so he could chauffer a few dignitaries for their 3 day stay in our country to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

Over the years, the annihilation of our stalwart leaders has caused Africans to grow accustomed to the various puppets put in place by foreigners to maintain the constant flow of exploitation.  However, there comes a time when such flagrant display of one’s treason to his people warrants the outcry of the masses being misrepresented.  Contrary to Kufuor’s clear stance against the plight of his kindred in the greater world and his country man at home, Africans, and Ghanaians in particular, know that Repatriation is a must and reparations will be extracted by any means necessary, with or without the help of our leaders.  For the voice of the people is the voice of God and these so called leaders without a backbone to support them nor integrity to guide them only amass great wealth to the detriment of their soul and their legacy.