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Kwesi Pratt is Ghanaâ's only voice of the people.  The last standing Nkrumahist, the only journalist/leader that I rate on any real level.  If this man were running for President, I would volunteer.    He blasts them pot-bellied fools in government all the time, so don’t mind what you read in most of the media outlets.  My search yielded a smear campaign, but really, he’s the Truth.  That is why, when he returned from a visit with Ivory Coast’s President, Laurent Gbagbo, I attended to hear what he had to say.  This is what I learned.

First and foremost, even to his surprise, everything was as normal as could be on the Coast of Ivory.  At the airport there was no extra security, no alarm, no stress, certainly less than at an American airport these days.  From there he was escorted into a normal city, where everything was going on without concern.  In fact, after settling in he proceeded to enjoy a bit of the nightlife.  There were no curfews, no panic and no state of fear.  So totally contrary to all those news reports about people heading for the border, all he saw was people heading to the clubs.  Shit was normal.

History.  When the Ivory Coast won  their independence they were given a president, who was also a minister in France, thus a clear extension of the colonizer.  Ivory Coast is extremely important as a base in West Africa, it is absolutely critical for many essential commodities from the entire West African region.  There is simply no way France would simply leave it to govern itself.  Laurent Gbagbo is their first major hindrance, just the idea, the thought that there should be anyone but their own chosen black puppet is reason for interference.   So France funded and financed the so-called rebellion, and put that punk-ass, power hungry, mongrel, Alassane Ouattara to lead it.    Anytime you want to identify the Bitch-Ass-Nigga, he will be the one hollering for the police.  Why is Alassane begging U.N. to do his bidding, to go get President Gbagbo, please, just kill him!  Why are the people of Ivory Coast burning U.N. nation cars and not burning President Gbagbo’s property?  Why does Alassane need three tiers of security, while the President moves freely as before?

A bit more history.  The two opposition leaders that combined and still lost the election were both not qualified to run.  Alassane is a Burkinabe and the other one was simply over the age stated in the constitution.  The so-called dictator, President Laurent Gbagbo waived those prohibitions to allow them to run.

Present.  Every country and their constitution.  Americans should know better than anyone, that the powers that be are in the process of eradicating all those ancient constitutions.  No constitution is under greater attack than the American blue print. In Ivory Coast the powers that be simply want to ignore the constitution of this sovereign nation to impose their boy.  The constitution states that so-n-so declares the President after due process.  So-n-so declared Laurent Gbagbo as is protocol,  some stooge with no authority to do so declared Alassane, in a bleepin hotel lobby.  And then the parade of parrots sung along, once France and the U.S. gave their signal.  What hasn’t been mentioned is that even though Ghana’s President Mills didn’t have the balls,  South Africa, Gambia, of course Zimbabwe, Mozambique and several other African nations are in support of Laurent Gbagbo.  They will certainly not stir up the waters, counting on all Black men to simply bow.  Laurent’s courage and diplomacy may likely send the boomerang back to its rightful owner.  The only criticism our reporter, Mr. Kwesi Pratt, could find about Laurent Gbagbo, and I agree, is that he is to compliant.  He’s being more democratic than the damn democrats.  Cut it out man, this Africa, stop trying to make them feel comfortable about how we do what we do.  Handle your business, govern your state and don’t back down.  We got you.  

Update, 2012:

Unfortunately they have our brother in the Hague, that useless court erected for the sole purpose of tormenting our leaders.  Their stooge is in power, Gadafi is dead and the prospects for Truths & Rights look bleak, but we know better.  Justice does not sleep.



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