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After 9 years in the Land there are several ways I could approach these reflections.  I have shed enough sweat & tears to share real lamentations and I have experienced enough joy to take you on a joy-ride.  In an effort to give a balanced synopsis of the reality in Ghana, West Africa, during this Gideon, for a soldier, I will share the lessons that came from my pain and joy.

Almost a decade later, eyes open, I still refuse to relinquish visions of a healthy vibrant Nubia, overflowing with resources, wealth, love, integrity and self-respect, in an environment that is conducive to raising the next generation of Nubians, retiring peacefully or simply escaping from the world at large.  Yet I have come to meet Africa in the throes of the New World Order, complying completely, no different than it did 500 years ago, to the annihilation of Nubia and Nubians.  The dehumanization of our peoples, the constant strife between our tribes/political parties, the poor infrastructure of each African state, the division of all states and the numerous other obstacles to our progress are all results of a well oiled machine, presently at work in every corner of the globe.   At a glance we observe as the world fights for fuel only to fuel more wars.  The greater our numbers, the less our portion of the worlds resources and the more we work in the interest of a few.  So when we look closely and witness the corruption in one Ghana, the modern day slavery implemented by the Neo-colonials (our present leaders) and the World Bank, and the lack of concern for the education of the next generation of Africans, thus the overbearing ignorance, we are not surprised.  We are deeply disappointed, but we are not surprised.  Consistent with the world and time we are living in we come to terms with the conditions in Palestine, Korea, China, Russia, America, Iran & yes, Africa.  The only difference between Africa and all the other countries under the pressure of a global machine is there is a collective effort, by the indigenous peoples of those lands, to defend themselves against extinction.  Africans, on the other hand, are widely respected all over the world for our many contributions to other nations, but we largely ignore the needs of our Mother-Land.  Instead, Africans born in the Diaspora are the most likely to vacation in Europe and invest in the Titanic I refer to as all of Babylon, waiting, I assume, for conditions to be more inviting, for a red carpet and a how-to-manual.  Indians, Lebanese, Chinese, Germans, Italians, you name it, have proven it possible to live and thrive in Africa, while Africans born outside of Africa equipped with the financial strength and practical knowledge, got their money tucked away in safe stocks and their children at the best schools, where they will learn to perpetuate the same blind eye to Africa’s plight.  So yes, the majority of schools in Ghana are a joke, the public transportation is a crying shame, the communications is light years behind the rest of the world and corruption enjoys its reign, undeterred by the rhetoric drooling out the mouths of our politricians.   But you can rest assured that the foreign investors have invested in international schools that they alone can afford, provided roads and railways in order to safely extract our precious minerals and rely on state-of-the-art communication tools, unavailable to most Ghanaians.  Are we expecting them to see to the needs of our future generations?  Do we expect them to stop counting their money long enough to give a shit about the quality of water?   If we learned anything from our oppressors it should be that our strength is in our spending/investing ability. 

Ironic as this world proves to be, Obama, an African descendant, stands a good chance of taking the seat at the head of the table.  Already he has shown interest in Kenya’s turmoil and it is possible, even if remotely, that he might ignite a different trend in African investing.  Just maybe he will eliminate the useless donations and promote programs that will encourage Africans born in America, to invest more meaningfully in Africa, to effect the resurrection of Africa, like that of China, Malaysia and Cuba.  One way or another, the conditions that dismay us will change only when we, Africans at home and abroad, decide to change them.

I, like so many, came to Ghana to escape Babylon and her trappings.  To semi-retire from the rat race and enjoy the fullness of life without the constant reminders of Uncle Sam, Big Brother or the Mother of Harlots.  Instead, I found out Mystery Babylon had arrived long before I and laid her foundation for the control and adulteration of my beloved Mother-Land, my inheritance.  I have accepted my role in opposition to the constant degradation of Africa and the exploitation of Her resources and people.  My efforts are fortified by countless other repatriates who have committed their lives to the restoration of Africa for Africans, at home and abroad.  Our progress isn’t reported and our mistakes are often magnified, but we stay focused, giving this life and the next, if necessary, for the manifestation of a vision so real, we can feel it!