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The call of the Repatriate

Those who've already visited Ghana, you've observed the immense poverty, imbedded corruption and total mismanagement of economies to the demise of Africans for generations to come. For those of you who read, you’ve read about restrictive immigrations laws applied to returning Africans born abroad, the threat of malaria, infrequent supply of electricity and water, the constant frustrations associated with conducting the simplest matters of business, and just a list that reads like all the reasons not to go to a place.  Sometimes the only thing that appears to be functioning properly is the system implemented by the colonials and the neo-colonials, to thwart and/or abort our attempts at making progress in Nubia.  That system, being the brainchild of the ruling world empire (still roman), has summoned great fear in the hearts of men who would otherwise valiantly stand in defense of their land, their honor and their freedom.  Instead it has bred African leaders that scramble to grab the crumbs being offered in G-8 or G-string (got them by the nose) summits.  Rather than stand in defense of our Motherland, while every possible war is being waged against her, they trot the globe, auctioning our wares.

But if Nubia is in a state of turmoil it isn't because we have poor leaders, it's because her children haven't responded to her call.  Nubians have become Americans, Britons, Jamaicans, Trinidadians, etc.  Our skills, our talents and our loyalties are being exploited by our oppressors to insure their evolution, while our race experiences regression at a rate not previously witnessed in history.  Some will argue that we built it, so we should enjoy it.  It is true, modern day Babylon was built up to its splendor from our labor and ingenuity,  but we are not enjoying any sort of reward.  Instead we enjoy cell blocks, fully loaded glocks, the pipe that doesn’t crack, Katrina, the highest taxation, the poorest education and a deprivation of soul that will eventually yield a generation of zombies. 

For most Nubians born abroad, this information is no revelation, but still, it doesn't inspire movement since the web that has entangled them refuses to release its grip.  Repatriation is still a lofty ideal, impractical, some say, due to financial constraints or overwhelming personal responsibilities.  That or it presents the fret of a toilet that doesn't flush, a light switch that won't always work or a week without B.E.T.  Who's place is it to tell a man or woman what they should do.  I can only imagine impressing upon black man and woman the urgency of Africa's situation and hope they realize that urgency is their own, more than events in Jerusalem affect the so called Jews.  This really is our promised land and we really did come from here.  Furthermore, we are the solution, Nubia's head corner stone!  The redemption of Nubia requires the collective resurgence of Nubians, the globe over.  In our present situation we are defenseless against the machinations employed to keep us as servile, docile sufferers.  Instead we have joined ranks with our enemies and become part of the problem, administering the poison to the effect of our ultimate genocide, whether it be on the streets, in the hospitals, in the courts, the schools or the churches.  Africans are now at the helm of African regression. Repatriation has never been more vital to our survival as a people.

As for the problems that await us, they are not insurmountable.  Malaria, power cuts, poor communications, poor education, corruption, to name a few, are all conquerable via the various handbooks we now have at our disposal.  400 years in Babylon was not for nothing.  Malaria was eradicated in several places, including the United States and the West Indies.  Those in that field should pick up the manual and come eradicate malaria.  Malaria is like A.I.D.S, a method of population control, or in our case, genocide.  None of our donor countries or well meaning philanthropist will ever seriously attempt to eradicate malaria.  We, Africans who have been born abroad must do it.  This kind of knowledge is what we need to free ourselves from sickness and its associated strain on entire societies. Those with any inclination towards health care and research should be able to source the exact methods employed and provide a simple, bullet proof report on how to eradicate malaria in Africa.  Naturally, this is not for any government heads or U.N. committee to review, much less know about, because we know they already know.  Present it to designated persons on the ground, also in the field, who wouldn’t be compromised into aborting the project.  (There are virtuous brethren and sistren, waiting for us to pass the torch.)  And since we mentioned A.I.D.S., bring the cure for that as well, only don’t give BBC the press release.  Don’t smile for the camera’s.  Just plant the seed and make sure all your students do the same.  Nubia is big, with a matrix of its own. This kind of information will take on a life of its own. 

When it comes to electricity, we only have import the various new fuel sources and technologies.  Not everyone, but amongst us, there are those who were the pioneers in the field of electricity.  At the very least, there are those who know how to light a house, efficiently and cost effectively, independent of the grid.  Please, bring forth that knowledge and disseminate it to heads of households, those on the ground who suffer from power outages.  Not the government who poorly mismanages our utilities.  Enlighten and empower the masses and let it catch like bush fire. 

To all the ills that has been poured on Mother Africa, I say, we are the solution.  Realistically and unfortunately, not all of us may be able to make the move, but we can all make an impact.  We can all repatriate our skills and talents, the keys that will open heaven’s gate and usher in a new age.  We could, each with our drop in the ocean, effect a massive wave that will be felt all over the continent and subsequently, all over the world.  Reverse the brain drain, stop dumping money and pass on the knowledge.  In fact, send no money!  Instead, bring solutions to problems and implement them to whatever capacity you are able.  Give a year or two. If you can reach ten families, who will each promise to teach ten families, then you would have successfully repatriated that knowledge.  That will be the catalyst to Africa's redemption.  No one is responsible for poverty or anything so grand, but everyone is responsible to show how they have used the talents given them, in part, toward the resurrection of Nubia. 

But if you think you got what it takes, and you won't get the quakes, then lace up your boots, put on your Gideon suit and forward, for we need, more than anything, the strength of soldiers and soldierettes in the field.