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Repatriate Your Mind

As we draw closer to Babylon’s destruction, we witness the flight of those hoping to get away from the impending doom, a desperate attempt to escape the fate of Babylon.  Fear, by itself, can be a very useful tool for motivation, but it usually translates into a different form in a different environment, which can find the repatriate out of the frying pan and straight into the fire.  If fear of an imminent doom will move you, then what will happen if you are faced with no money and no source of income.  Fear kicks in again and the result can find you right back where you started.  To those fleeing Babylon’s judgment, I couldn’t agree with you more, but I am here to tell you that Babylon has polluted every crevice of this planet and while your exodus may get you away from all the cameras and all the new patriotic laws, you will come to realize how efficiently the Mother of Harlots has prepared to take the whole world into her clutches.  

What governs our lives and determines our system of values, lies in the laws of the land. The laws of Ghana and most African states, reflect the interest of Babylon and not the people of Africa, and are thus detrimental to our lives and our way of living.  In those laws, Babylon has prepared for your return.  It was planned that your return be discouraged by the government, subtly, so as not to cause an uproar and force the gates, crashing in.  The deterrents are cloaked in the shield of Freedom & Justice, and written in the most colonial English.  Furthermore, certain basic technologies that you thought you might be escaping awaits you right here.  For instance the “Smart Card” has been introduced in Ghana, enabling it’s owners to use bio-pay, that is a thumb print instead of a signature, that is a card instead of cash.  Mondex has been here for over 10 years, almost as early as it appeared in America.  And there is new National I.D. card being introduced to Ghanaians, which will contain the almighty chip.  It will replace all other cards such as voter’s registration card and driver’s license.  It will be the required means of I.D., and, SURPRISE!, the technology was provided and funded by America.  In short, Babylon is here!

If Africa isn’t an escape then what’s the point?  The land we call Africa awaits her Creators, not escapees.  Thus we must shed Babylon first.  Cut off her television, get off her poisonous foods, think out of her box and live, no matter where you are, in a reality that is governed by the laws of the universe and not the mere laws of laymen.  Africa will then serve as fertile ground in which to plant all of that creative energy overflowing from within, once we have removed the chains of Babylon.  Here you will find other sources of energy ready and willing to compliment your own storehouse.  When you plant a seed, you will not get one tree, but several, as your input will be multiplied by a field of energy calmly working towards the rejuvenation of this blessed land, as diligently as those working to destroy it.  We can’t run from Babylon, but we can resist her her and run towards the Most High and He will guide and protect us. 

To prospective repatriates I offer the following suggestions:  Firstly, bear in mind, repatriation is a most natural phenomenon, simply put, the return of a people to their land of birth.  For Africans there is a natural magnetic pull towards Africa, so don’t fight it.  Secondly, the war is not against flesh and blood, but spiritual wickedness in low and high places.  Purge yourself of Babylon and you will witness 10,000 to your right and left, dropping like flies and you won’t fear for your own life.  Thirdly, seek ye first the Kingdom of the Most High and all else will be added.  Once we have identified our heaven in our heavens then we shall move mountains to create it.   Lastly, I suggest ones don’t sit around waiting or looking for unity.  Sought, unity is hardly found, but practiced it is more easily recognized.  When you are working towards an agenda and you seek out the ones you expect to support your efforts you are often disappointed, but when you are doing the work, you will be surprised by the hands that lend a strength.  Not only do you meet opposition from within your closest ranks but you overlook the not-so-obvious labourers on the side lines.  Do the work and allow it to attract more workers, or apply yourself where to the continuation of works already started. There are no shortages in the Kingdom, rather an abundant wealth of resources.  Those of us on the same path are aware of this fact and are eager to assist others to bring about this reality.

From my own experiences and those of several families who have embarked upon this path, I have realized that our notions of repatriation were terribly distorted.  As a result, our success rate has suffered. Many have come and many have returned.  Due largely to the fact of our incorrect approach towards repatriation, we were met with greater difficulties than we left, though we may have thought that impossible.  My gradual emergence from that state of fleeing from Babylon into the state of running toward the Kingdom of the Most High has allowed I to see Zion in its glory, regardless of the apparent corruption, unsightly poverty and the constant reminders of Babylon.  Nowadays I arm my self with the full armour of the Most High, elevating God in self and banishing the devil from within, thus making it powerless to control my destiny.  I suggest that succeeding repatriates allow your present circumstances to exercise your faith. Free your mind and fortify your soul, while still in the place you know as the plantation.  All of our heroes and sheroes have proven that freedom is a state of mind, irrespective of outer conditions.  Harriett Tubman realized this and freed herself as well as 360 other enslaved, during a time when the very president of the U.S. held slaves of his own.  Marcus Garvey realized this and purchased ships to take black people home to Africa, when the average white man in America couldn’t afford a car.  Repatriate your mind and let your body follow, not the other way around.  The right state of mind is the one asset capable of meeting every challenge and adding them as building blocks for your success.