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The Works & Lifestyles of Repatriates in Ghana

Success is generally measured by ones ability to adapt to their environment and then excel in albeit unfamiliar surroundings.  Our evolution as a people is most miraculous, considering how we grew accustomed to the most debase existence only to emerge victors, conquerors of our own destiny.  Grant it, we have yet a ways to go before we completely realign our stars, we are making wonderful strides, amidst all the resistance.  This page acknowledges the works of many repatriates, each with their own story, but all exemplifying that spirit that makes us great and clearly showing the potential of our impact given we are granted the support that we deserve.


  Established in 1956, Gaisie Zwennes Hughes & Co. is one of the oldest, most reputable businesses on our lists.  This law firm is a result of Trinidadian and Ghanaian partnership.  It has flourished over the years and now enjoys the distinction acquired through timeless principles of integrity, professionalism and the assured commitment to providing sound advice and legal services to its clients. 


Dr. Marcus Mann was the first to introduce Chiropractic services in Ghana.  His work has advanced the field tremendously and his services are acclaimed by the "who's who" in Ghana. His practice is 10 years young and he is doing marvelous business.  He is probably one of our most successful entrepreneurs, with clinics dotted all throughout the country and setting a gleaming example of  a dream manifest.


Dr. Brain Cox has also found success in the field of alternative health, through chiropractics.  He has joined the campaign in educating the masses via direct assistance and through media broadcasts.  The reverse of the brain drain means an influx of intellectual property, which is the wisdom shared by the likes of those in the field.


This brother is hard core.  The water business is probably one of the most competitive businesses, with a dozen well established companies distributing water throughout Ghana.  To get in an industry that is already well entrenched by the indigenous entrepreneurs takes tiger balls, but to  rise above the heap to be one of the most reputable water suppliers in all of Ghana, takes that hustle and flow he must of picked up along the way, from up the way.  Kudoos.


  Assase Pa is a company started by a collective of repats and indigenous, under the auspices of the Hebrew Israelites.  Together they have embarked upon a crusade to educate Ghanaians to better lifestyle habits, starting with what we put in our mouths.  First they opened a restaurant, sister to their Altanta based Soul Veg and now they have opened up a factory, specializing in all things soy.


  Yes organic farms is one of the only organic farms in Ghana, founded by Dahveed Jawara.  Presently the farm produces the following herbs and vegetables: collards, spinach, kale, parsley, moringa, cashews, avocados, mangoes, almonds, and passion fruit, for starters.  Unfortunately it is very hard, almost impossible to find fruits and vegetables in Ghana that aren't contaminated with pesticides and the like.  This is a much needed enterprise, right forward to basics.


Brandon Rogers is a native of Orlando who decided to move to Ghana to get some hands-on experience building affordable homes after a stint at a design firm in the states. Now, instead of sitting in a cubicle, he spends his time developing affordable housing schemes and putting them into action. He’s studied a variety of practical building techniques, and gets fully involved in every stage, enabling him to get a feel for the most sensible approaches.

An instructor by calling, Obadele Kambon has turned his talents into a far reaching commodity which he shares with Africans clear across the globe.  In addition to his teaching skills he has a vast grasp on the world wide web and thus operates a site from which he offers classes in African languages and knowledge of self.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, he simply continued doing what he was doing in the West, now just under palm trees.


An aspiring designer with style and flavor to spare, Empress Fomeya launched her line in 2007 and has never looked back.  She presently has a shop in Accra's swanky Osu area, where she takes special orders and features her latest designs.


This outfit is headed by the Honorable Yaw Akyeaw, a business man on a mission.  Through his company he offers numerous services including, but not limited to sourcing commodities, real estate and consultation.  He has developed inroads to many of Ghana's mines and farms and offers direct linkage to the source.  His works often take him beyond these borders, but when available, he is the most sincere, down to earth person to deal with, a rare trait amongst entrepreneurs.


  The largest internet cafe in a 50 mile radius is owned and operated by Jah B, an elder Bobo Shanti with one foot on the mountain, the other solidly planted on the ground.  Living more than 2 hours journey away from  Accra he realized the need for state-of-the-art internet communications and thus offered to fill that void.  The result is business center that provides its clients the conveniences of Accra, while living in a remote village.


  Larona Lollie started by making banana coconut bread and peanut butter cookies to sell in the stores in her community.  Later she enrolled in a soap making course at the Liberian Refugee camp and continued to learn through instruction and practice using Shea butter, Cocoa butter, hibiscus, neem, virgin coconut oil and a host of other wonderful ingredients nature has provided in Ghana. Indigenous Flair has flourished into a company that provides employment for people in her community as well as supports shea, herb and oil producers in Ghana.


  In addition to this site, which generates healthy interest and various contracts, I also dabble in natural beauty products.  My background is in entertainment, but through self exploration I found I had a knack for creating wonderful body balms and soaps.    As part of my portfolio, it is a key asset that I plan to develop into a lovely business for my children's children.