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Travelling Tips

Seasons:     Dry & hot - November 1 – April 1
Rainy, but beautiful - April 15 – August 1
                 Mild & accommodating - August 1 – October 15
The seasons will in part dictate what you should have on any trip to Ghana.  The most pleasant time to be in Ghana is during the mild and rainy seasons.  The weather is quite agreeable, and sometimes even cool at nights, especially in the mountains.  The dry season can be quite a challenge as the sun is its hottest and the availability of most seasonal crops are limited.  Nonetheless, Ghana has its appeal all year round, just as long as you are prepared; you will be able to maximize your enjoyment.

The following checklist is suggested, while some items might be relevant to the season:

  • Mosquito repellent- Citronella is the best known, natural repellent.

  • Rain coat & boots- Particularly in the rainy season.

  • First aid kit- should include something for bruises minor and extreme, for example, golden seal, tetanus protection, fever relief, diarrhea relief, artesunate, Echinacea, extra repellent, & gauze. (Everything, minus herbs,    is available in homeopathic medicines.)

  • Pocket knife- You will find yourSelf buying many fruits on the road that you might want to cut with your own knife

  • Flashlight & candles- Power outage is almost frequent in some areas, and only a problem if you aren’t prepared

  •  Sweater- Between May and November it definitely gets cool in the evenings, especially in the mountains or by the beach

  • Iodine water purifier- should you be forced to compromise your water source, it is convenient to have water purifiers.

  • Portable radio- Always good, far more entertaining than local t.v.

  • Transformers- for any electrical appliances ex. Camcorder, radio, etc.

  • Walking sandals and mountain boots- You will get your share of exercise.

  • Long pants- It is the tropics, but the evening can be horrible without long pants, given the mosquitoes

  • Beach shoes- Good to have, especially for the children

  • Disposable items- by all means you will have many things (clothing, etc) that you no longer use and may consider giving away.  Fill a bag and bring them, that same bag can be used for crafts when returning.  We are set up to distribute to worthy foundations.  

Note: Power is delivered at 220 volts.

Suggested Reading:

  • "Of Water and the Spirit"- Malidoma Patrice Some (Burkina Faso)

  • "Two Thousand Seasons"- Ayi Kwei Armah (Ghana)

  • "The Healers"-Ayi Kwei Armah  (Ghana)

  • "Guide to Ghana"- Philip Briggs

  •  (USA)