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Expense Amount (USD)
Foundation $3,000.00
Building Materials $2,305.00
Contractor.labor $1,390.00
Deliveries $  175.00
Misc. $  700.00
To this stage $7,570.00
Main Floor $5,000.00
Upstairs walls, windows & doors $5,000.00
Plumbing $1,000.00
Solar lighting $2,500.00
Borehole (water) $3,500.00
Roof $3,000.00
Finishing $3,000.00
Grand Total $30,500.00



  • Foundation includes the pillars and a retaining wall. It was dug into the hill in order to get a basement

  • Misc. includes a building permit which cost $400.00 and a site plan that cost $300.00

  • I am building with kiln bricks (red Earth-bricks baked in an oven).  Same bricks that are all over U.K. and New York.  Earthy, attractive, but not cheap, yet reasonable.

  • Bricks cost about $.50 each, we required 5,000 to reach this level. 3% of the bricks will not be good.

  • Some of these prices are relative, depending on materials you use to finish, roof, etc.  I am fairly modest, thus allow yourself margins for your taste.