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Mountain Realty offers a wide variety of land for sale in the pristine Aburi mountains where we also have our office and personal real estate.  Our services include sourcing land, all documentation, architectural drawings, building and property management. We make buying land in Ghana a simple, transparent transaction that can be completed in a reasonable time and with a touch of professionalism. 
Apride, Akuapem, $1,200/plote
  • 1:35 minute drive to Accra.
  • Awesome mountainous views.
  • Paved road.
  • Electricity and water sourced independently.
  • New site for residential neighborhood.
  • Family owned.
  • 10 plots available.
  • $1,200 USD/plot (2,400 cedis)

Directly on this beautiful road!
Mampong, $1,200/plot
  • 0:45-1:00 drive to airport.
  • Presently unpaved road, new site.
  • Overlooking mountainous views!
  • Electricity must be independently sourced.
  • Water must be sourced from borehole.
  • Family owned.
  • $1,200/plot (2,400 cedis)

Note: This land is best suited for a buyer capable of buying by the acre.

New site, completely virgin, a steal!
New Obosomase, $3,500/Plot
  • 45 minute drive to Accra.
  • Mountainous views.
  • 4x4 road.
  • Electricity and water sourced independently.
  • New site for residential neighborhood.
  • Family owned.
  • Only 3.5  plots.
  • $3,500 USD/plot (7,000 cedis)

Build near new  upcoming estates!
Aburi-Aswerase, $6,000/Plot
  • 45 minute drive to Accra.
  • Mountainous views.
  • 4x4 road.
  • Electricity and water within mile radius.
  • New site for residential neighborhood.
  • Individually owned.
  • Only 3.5  plots.
  • $6,000/plot (12,000 cedis)

Fertile Land for home and garden!
Aburi Main Rd. (French Line) $12,500/plot
  • Walking distance to Rita Marley's & Hillburi
  • View facing Accra, 2 min drive to main rd.
  • 4 plots, all registered and semi-walled
  • Premier residential address in mountains
  • $12,500/plot (25,000 cedis)


Aburi-Sec. School, $4,500/Plot
  • 45 minute drive to Accra.
  • Mountainous views.
  • Good roads.
  • Electricity and water accessible.
  • Populated residential area.
  • Individually owned and registered.
  • Only 2  plots left.
  • $4,500/plot (9,000 cedis)

Aburi Town- Inside
Pram Pram Land $6,000/Plot
  • Ten minute walking distance to the beach!
  • 45 minute drive to Accra (Excellent roads).
  • Electricity and water available.
  • Excellent residential neighborhood.
  • Individually owned.
  • Only 3 plots, all being sold together
  • $6,000/plot (12,000 cedis)

Walk to the beach!

What you should know when buying land in Ghana....

For those who have been to Ghana, it is already common knowledge that nothing is just as it seems.  Interwoven with all appearances are their flip sides, hidden from the eye, bits of important information that are crucial to your decision, yet go unmentioned.  Regarding land sales, there here are some pointers that you should know:

  • First of all, a plot refers to a parcel of land that is 100 feet by 80 feet.  There are 5 plots in an acre.

  • The word "Sale", as it refers land, generally means a renewable 50 year Lease to non-citizens of Ghana, whether Africans from the Diaspora or Africans from neighboring countries.  However, if it is a joint purchase with a Ghanaian then you will be entitled to buy the land outright, without the encumbrances of a Lease.

  • Due diligence is the Buyer's responsibility.  There are no laws requiring the Seller to disclose or provide the necessary information to ensure litigation-free land. To protect your interest, as a Buyer you should do the following:
    1- Hire surveyor to provide site-plan of the land.
    2- Order for Title Search from Lands Commission.
    3- Have attorney draft Indenture (Lease agreement).
    4- Register the land.

  • There are three types of lands available in for sale in Ghana:
    1- Family Land- Owned by a family who has been rightful custodians for the history of the land. We generally source Family Land.
    2- Stool Land- Land in the hands of a Chief. These lands are only available for Lease, which is only good only if the buyer is not seeking outright ownership, but rather land for commercial purposes.
    3- Government Land-Owned by the government.

  • Registered Land is the most ideal land to purchase because it is pretty much litigation-proof, titled to the Seller and transferred to the Buyer eliminating the possibility of anyone else coming out of the woodwork to claim interest, however Registered Land sells at a premium. Registered Land can fall into the category of any of the 3 above mentioned types of Lands.

These measures may seem extensive to someone unfamiliar with this terrain, unaware of where to hire surveyor, attorney and/or an agent, thus Mountain Realty provides our clients with the complete package when facilitating land sales.  We walk you through the process and handle the details.

The usual closing costs associated with land purchases:




Survey & Demarcation

3 plots


Title Search

 Verify clear title



Sales contract


Agent’s fee

Broker the transaction



Everything right up to signing


Please note, after buying the land you must put pillars to identify your borders and Register the land with Lands Commission as stated above.  Registration will run about $600, but can be done within the first year of your purchase.


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