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Real Estate in Ghana

Against all the claims that we are highly indebted and poor, Ghana’s property value keeps rising. Perfect example, I bought a piece of land in 2001, now, 9 years later it is worth 10x the purchase price.  Not to mention, gold is soaring through the roof, we can’t supply the demand for our cocoa, trees are coming down everyday to supply the paper for that funny money and now we got oil. Bottom line, everything is selling, more than ever and the value of the land over all these resources is going through the roof.

Even before oil we were experiencing a constant growth in property rates higher than our Western counterpart. It has gotten to the point that buying in Accra is virtually out of the question, with empty plots going for an average of $75,000 in most decent areas.  Rents are also peaking every day, both residential and commercial, nothing sits, it’s a sellers market.

Fortunately there are still plots of land (100' x 80') on the outskirts of Accra, the capital city, where one can acquire for $3,000 to $5,000.  Thus one can utilize the bulk of their savings on the buildings that will house your family and provide income.   It will only be another 2-3 years before these lands double in price, however, if you started now, by buying a piece of land and engaging a contractor to build upon it over the next year or 2, what ever works, then you can realistically and practically provide your family with the security of a safe haven in heaven. 

Another suggestion is that you buy land that can be both residential and commercial.  Instead of just building a home for yourself, build a home with guest rooms or build structure that houses 4 self contained apartments and stay in one.  Or you could build a small office complex, with say 4 stores on the ground level, 8 office suits on the first 2 floors and a loft on the top.  The money you will earn in rent will sustain you the way nothing else can, allowing you to comfortably get your feet wet, without being hung out to dry before you can get firmly planted in the land.

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