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Local Transport Options


If you are just visiting Ghana for a short stay then you will want to take advantage of Ghana's numerous public transport options, all very cost effective, though not always very comfortable.  When moving about in the city the best choice is a taxi.  Tro-tros (public mini-buses) are by far the cheapest alternative, offering the most real-to-real experience, but too often an unpleasant one.  However, no matter how remote your destination, a tro-tro will get you there.

Between Accra and all major cities within Ghana and some neighboring countries,  the traveler has the following options:

  • STC- The main, government owned and operated, intercity coaches.
  • Kingdom Transport Services
  • Pergah Transport -Hiring Coaches
  • Gold Link Transport Services

For airlines that criss-cross this little nation, from Accra to Kumasi or Tamale, then contact:

  • Antrak Air
  • Citylink

Residents of Ghana, who can afford, generally find it essential to own a vehicle.  The tastes of public transport grows stale very soon, though it is a good way to experience the way 85% of all Ghanaians are shuttled to and fro.  This knowledge will help one grasp a better overstanding of the day-to-day challenges met by the citizens of this nation, putting into perspective the reasons behind the slow rate of progress overall.  Still, dependence on such antiquated, dilapidated  vehicles may prove more costly to your health than all the savings in the world.  Therefore it is suggested that you invest in a reliable vehicle.  American made cars are the least suitable for Africa, rather Japanese and German cars tend to withstand the harsh conditions of the road and climate. 

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