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If money is no concern, then pack your house into as many containers you need and come, but if you are trying to stretch a modest savings, then please, leave most of it over there.  Sell it! Bring cash and replace it.  But there are a few things you will want.  Here's a list.


  • Books- If you value your library and you need a healthy supply to read, then bring them.  Good books are a rare commodity. Otherwise amazon.com will get all your money.
  • Medicine- Since you are new to the environment, bring your special herbs and tinctures, enough to last until you can replacements.
  • Vehicle- If you have a reliable vehicle, less than 5 years old, bring that.  Preferably a Toyota pick-up. 
  • Solar flashligts- Power often goes out and these are basic.
  • Medicine- Herbal products are there but not with the variety available in the outer worlds.  Homeopathic products are almost non-existent.
  • Tent- Camping is fun!
  • Short wave radios- they come in handy.
  • Tools of your trade- If you make your money on-line, then you will have a host of gadgets you may want to bring of a certain quality. Such things are here, but tools of the trade should be familiar to you.  Different brands and most from China.  Even basic farm tools are rarely of the quality that we are accustomed.
  • Solar accessories- If you are building, chances are you will use solar. Bring back-ups or stuff like an inverter or panels you can get cheaply, but rest assured, solar supplies are here.
  • Organic Seeds- NON EXISTENT HERE!
  • Miscellaneous- Essentials oils, incense, crystals and such specialty items are hard to find

Note: It is not advised that you bring appliances and such, since that will require a container and unnecessary expenses.  Those things are here in abundance. Likewise, furniture.

There is a company that ships barrels to Ghana from the States.  It is $160/barrel (very reasonable and reliable, though they take longer than the promised 6 weeks). The link is: